Packaging Design and Graphics

Design & Graphics


Samples & Mockups

Review for Regulatory Compliance

Packaging (Printing) Vendor Selection

Approvals, Test Run


Can your in-house packaging designers quickly turn around prototypes for new products? Are you satisfied with your in-house graphics expertise?

Are you frustrated that your suppliers don’t offer more eco-friendly options? Do you wish you had unique designs, or other premium features to make your products stand out?

75% of the errors we find are at this step. E.g. Graphics dont fit correctly on the packaging, product doesn’t fit, etc.

Is your current designer/graphic artist up-to-date on the rapidly changing FDA labeling requirements?

Does your current vendor archive your past artwork, and make it available to your for review and update?

Is someone approving your graphics at the printing press? Who supervises your first test runs at your facility?