Laura Miller is the founder and CEO of ForeFront Packaging.

Laura’s 20+ year career specializing in packaging supply chain management began in customer service. Customer service to this day remains her greatest strength. In the 90’s the first nutrition labeling was mandated (the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act ). Laura understood the impact the Act would have on customers. She took courses to learn all about it and helped customers comply, while establishing new branding and packaging designs. With a “customer comes first” attitude, Laura has built long-standing relationships and trusted partnerships with both customers and suppliers.

In her early years Laura discovered three passions, the first being “managing every aspect of every detail” of customers’ packaging supply chains. She consistently solved all of her customers’ packaging-related problems ranging from out of stock, to over-stock, misprints, sizing issues, customs issues and machine problems.

Laura’s second passion is ‘continuous improvement’. Customers have remained with Laura since the beginning, allowing her ‘inside’ their operations, so she could incrementally help improve them. Laura wants customers to be on the forefront of packaging best practices, hence the choice of company name.

Laura’s third passion is ‘growth’. Thanks to customers’ loyalty and confidence in her, Laura has been able to grow her packaging expertise over the last 20+ years, including the complexities of inventory management and material sourcing. Laura is now one of the Midwest’s top experts in packaging supply chain management, design and graphics, and warehousing. FPC customers have grown their product lines, locations and revenue significantly over the last 20+ years, and they recognize Laura’s contribution.

Laura is an active member of the National Organization of Women Business Owners, the Network of Executive Women, the American Baker’s Association, and the Allied Trades of the Baking Industry. Involvement in these organization’s allows Laura to stay abreast of emerging trends in packaging and supply chain management.

Laura graduated with honors from Barat College in Lake Forest with a BS in Marketing. Coursework in the marketing of consumer packaged goods has helped her throughout her career. Today, Laura has a keen eye for branding, packaging uniqueness, and label accuracy. Laura is certified in nutrition labeling by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Laura is a volunteer and supporter of the Northern Illinois Food Bank, Compassion International (child poverty) and Public Action to Deliver Shelter (homelessness). Her hobbies include travel, interior design, cooking, gardening and yoga.

Laura lives in Park Ridge, Illinois with her husband Jack and their cat Zoie.

Contact Laura Miller:

(708) 836-1105

Laura Miller

"Managing every aspect of your packaging supply chain."

-Laura Miller