The company that would become ForeFront Packaging began as an idea Laura Miller (founder) had 20+ years ago while working as a customer service representative in the packaging supply industry. In that role, Laura empathized with her customers, who were having under/over supply issues, graphics or design problems, etc. She also recognized a great opportunity for continuous improvement in her customer’s supply chains, and felt current suppliers weren’t meeting that need.

Customers liked Laura’s ideas and passion for their packaging and overall success. This demand prompted Laura to build a team of customer-focused individuals committed to “managing every aspect of every detail” and to launch ForeFront Packaging, a woman-owned business.

ForeFront Packaging (FPC) works collaboratively with its customers, and has developed capabilities to serve their stated (and unstated) needs. Milestones along the company’s history include:

  • Developed a breakthrough packaging business concept: better-connecting suppliers, transportation, warehousing and customers (the early days of “Supply Chain Management”)
  • Created a network of suppliers to provide all types of packaging depending on the customer’s needs
  • Developed a transportation network, ensuring deliveries are correct and on time
  • Secured warehousing space and services, so FPC can hold material off-site for customers
  • Developed a simple Source to Pay Process, eliminating confusing invoices
  • Launched a propriety warehouse inventory management system to aid in forecasting and inventory replenishment.
  • This tool is instrumental in identifying economic seasonal ordering quantities and in preventing overstock
  • Created a Graphic Design Shop, to help customers design packaging that is attractive, well-labeled, and functional on high-speed manufacturing lines
  • Established a “Label Review” team to help customers with FDA’s Nutrition Facts update (required for all consumer goods by July, 2018)

Through the above evolution, snack food companies, wholesale bakeries and food processors have come to trust and rely on ForeFront to manage complex supply chains, projects and labeling. Customers appreciate ForeFront’s proactive business model of weekly on-site meetings, local warehousing and all-hours access. A key customer benefit is the hands-on, involved relationship and go-to packaging support that ForeFront provides.

ForeFront’s headquarters is in Hillside, Illinois, south of O’Hare, near the intersection of Routes 294 and 290. ForeFront chose this location just west of Chicago to be near some of its largest customers (allowing FPC to be present at customer’s site as needed). The location is also close to our warehouse, completing the supplier, transportation, warehouse, customer circle.

Looking to the future, ForeFront would like to thank current customers for their continued loyalty and promises to maintain great service levels for many years to come. ForeFront would also like to partner with new companies interested in optimizing their packaging supply chain.

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