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The FDA's nutrition label change requirements will impact your products AND your customers' perceptions of your brand. Make no mistake, the new regulations will create winners and losers in your category. We'll help you take a carefully planned approach to compliance so your brand is positively positioned.

Here's the complete guide to the FDA's nutritional label guidelines: Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label. We know the guidelines inside and out, and we'll help you respond thoughtfully as a brand leader (while there's still time). For some food companies, the new requirements will not only change their labels, but may also influence their products' ingredients.

Note: ForeFront Packaging is not affiliated with U.S. FDA. For official information on the Nutrition Facts label update, visit the FDA website.


Key Questions

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the new FDA Nutrition Facts Label requirements. Here are answers to the questions we’ve gotten the most:

Which of these changes will impact
my products the most?

All food labels will change, but the following will be the most visible to your customers:

  • Calories
  • Added sugars

“Added Sugars” will be shown separately as a component of “Total Sugars.” Customers may make a switch to another product after learning how much added sugar they contain. We can help you decide how to respond.

  • Fat
  • Serving sizes and multi-serving products

Some products will require more packaging real estate for their labels, so you’ll need your artwork to accommodate per package AND per serving information. Now, customers will see the impact of eating the entire box or bag or drinking the entire bottle or can.

  • Sodium
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Vitamin D and Potassium
  • Odd-size packages
  • Percent Daily Value

We will work with you to visualize how these changes will impact your packaging and positioning.

Why did the FDA mandate these changes to the Nutrition Facts Labels?

According to the FDA, the new regulations are a response to consumers' demand for more transparency about what is in their food. The new label is also a response to new scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease. The FDA says that the new labels will allow consumers to make better informed food choices.

The new regulations don't take effect until 2018. Why should we start now?

If you wait, you'll end up just complying with the changes rather than being proactive and taking a comprehensive look at how these changes could affect your entire business. We will work with you to create a plan that positions you to be a winner in 2018 and beyond.


Don't wait until the
last minute.

Your start time will mean the
difference between just
complying or planning for


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