Juan Carlos, Director of Integrated Supply Chain at a mid-sized food manufacturer, decided he was fed-up with his packaging supply chain. He was a food manufacturer, but he was constantly being drawn into packaging conversations. Issues were coming from every department, R&D didn’t know where to source the packaging for their new product; manufacturing asked why they were sometimes shorted or sometimes overstocked on critical packaging items; graphics couldn’t keep up with the new label updates ; the CFO was all over him for inventory carrying costs, write-offs; and worst, even the CEO was hearing about issues regarding packaging.

Juan received a call from ForeFront Packaging, claiming, “We will manage every aspect of your packaging supply chain, so you can focus on what is in the package”. Juan was skeptical, having heard these promises before.  Nevertheless he gave ForeFront a shot.  Forefront came in, and in the course of just a few days  they had interviewed all of the above parties and created a scorecard of his current packaging supply chains metrics. ForeFront then took over the management of his packaging supply chain, from end to end. More importantly they took over the packaging information supply chain. Retail demand signals from sales and manufacturing, conversion to packaging quantities, quantification and analysis of inventory in all locations, scheduling of production runs at supplier, purchase orders and call-offs.

Juan was immediately relieved! The issues and problems turned from a flood to a trickle.  Even the few remaining issues were easier to solve.  Before, an issue could require Juan to contact 4-5 different people (suppliers, warehousemen, transportation, etc.). Now it was just one call – to ForeFront. But that was just the beginning. Through weekly on-site meetings, and a ‘proactive mindset’, ForeFront was able to continuously improve their packaging supply chain and become one of their most trusted resources.