Retailer Increases Oversight on Packaging Graphic Imagery at no additional cost

Sally Blount, Director of Packaging Design and Graphics at ABC Company, a retailer, changed her approach to packaging graphics updates. Her usual process was as follows: within ABC Co., R&D would inform her of a needed graphics or label change, triggered by new artwork, a recipe change, a change in federal labeling regulations, etc. Sally’s department would make the change to the “die-line”, which would then go directly to the packaging supplier. The packaging supplier takes the customer approval as gospel – they don’t edit or comment on copy or content. The packaging supplier would create high-speed printing ‘plates’. The plates would print the graphic/label on bulk packaging. All of this has to be done to less than one-tenth of a millimeter of accuracy (to prevent over-strike of letters, etc.), and has to be stable while running on very high-speed equipment.

ABC’s process resulted in at least 4 errors per month. At first blush, this doesn’t sound like much. But now consider that each error can mean a ‘do-over’ on the plates ($ thousands). It could also mean a full production run of bad graphics at the supplier, who then ships to ABC Co., which incurs weeks of carrying cost, only to eventually discover the error in a live production environment, resulting in line shut-down and unusable packaging inventory ($ tens of thousands). Sally reached out to ForeFront Packaging and asked for help. ForeFront began managing ABC’s packaging supply chain, and ForeFront inserted itself in the graphics and labeling review process. ForeFront became ABC’s packaging design and graphics “Quality Department”.

ABC’s average monthly error rate on packaging graphics and labeling is now zero due to ForeFront’s interventions.